With over 80 combined years in real estate and agriculture, The Land Group has developed a broad and deep knowledge base as well as a highly refined skill set. Leveraging our experience and skills allows us to effectively provide many valuable services to owners and users of a wide array of land-based assets.

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TLG offers the following services with the goal of maximizing value to our clients.


Our understanding of complex land assets; local, regional, and national markets; and stakeholder requirements allows us to maximize value for our clients. TLG are transactional experts, and we have extensive experience with all types of deal structures.

Site Selection / Acquisition

By leveraging our in-house mapping and property research specialists as well as our expansive network of brokers, we are able to explore a region to indentify the best site location and then apply our market knowledge to negotiate favorable terms.


Sometimes the perfect site comprises several parcels with different owners and zoning designations that need to be unified. TLG has experience with coordinating assemblages, and can successfully navigate the many complex issues that can arise regarding confidentiality, timing, pricing, disparate zoning, and market participant motivations.

Consultation & Advisory

TLG’s goal is to add the greatest possible value to our clients, regardless of whether a potential sale is involved. We have assisted many clients in achieving their real estate goals by consulting on a wide array of issues, including crop suitability studies, highest and best use analysis and entitlement strategies.


Our ability to effectively market is paramount to the shared success of TLG and our clients. We produce best in class marketing collateral and employ a proactive marketing strategy that fully capitalizes upon our unique resources, including a proprietary global contact database, software for monitoring marketing reach and effectiveness, and a dedicated team of graphic and web design professionals.

Asset / Portfolio Management

TLG has a track record of successfully performing disposition and consulting services for both single assets and portfolios of hundreds of properties. Our effectiveness is further enhanced by our ability to work with C&W’s in-house Property Management team, a resource that ensures all property expenses and maintenance issues are addressed and kept current.

Joint Venture & Equity Placement

TLG in partnership with C&W’s Capital Markets Group maintains the knowledge and relationships critical to accomplishing our client’s specific needs in a complex and ever changing capital market.

Our team has intimate experience with nearly all types of land-based real estate, with a primary focus on the following:

Production Agriculture

With the world’s burgeoning middle class and concerns about future food shortages, productive agricultural properties have emerged as an increasingly important and desired real estate asset class. TLG has worked with a wide array of field crop and permanent planting properties, and we have consulted with all tiers of market participants from local farmers to global institutional investors.

Ranches & Large Land Holdings

While ranches and large tracts of open land can be straightforward, they can also be surprisingly complex assets with many issues that impact value. As such, it is critically important for market participants to work with a team who understands the intricacies of these properties – from water rights and soil suitability to conservation easements and the potential for subdivision.

Vineyards & Wineries

Long-term success in the wine industry can be difficult to achieve; however, working with a highly trained team can greatly increase the odds of meeting your return requirements. TLG has been involved with many vineyards and wineries across the United States, with a focus on the premier areas of California and Oregon.

Commercial & Residential Development

TLG has significant expertise with the many facets of land entitlement and development. In addition to brokering many development sites, we have consulted on the successful processing of Specific Plan Amendments, coordinated assemblages, and taken many properties through various stages of entitlement.

Renewable Energy & Natural Resource

In the rapidly expanding field of renewable energy, TLG has continued to provide our clients with a competitive advantage through our in-depth knowledge of transmission projects, market participants, and evolving solar and wind technologies. Additionally, over the years, our team has been involved with many natural resource properties ranging from extraction operations to water infrastructure projects.

Conservation Lands

Preserving land with unique natural amenities can provide stakeholders with many long-term environmental, financial, or governmental benefits. TLG’s understanding of and experience with conservation lands can provide our clients with strategic advantages that may otherwise go unexplored.